Expect a deep drop into the underground with a selection of new and progressive house music from across the globe. Expect to hear new music from top class producers with guest DJs dropping mixes and live interviews on her ‘live’ radio shows.


Expect an origin sound from as far back as the funk will take us! Working through the delights of original classics to modern and current disco masterpieces.

Jukebox Man

As a kid in inner City Liverpool Cindy was fascinated by the Jukebox in the pub, in fact she was fascinated by anything techie so PAC Man and Sidearms games definitely got more play than your average youngster might or should be exposed to!

The jukebox guy used to come every two weeks and give her the records he was replacing. She remembers they had no centre and she only had three that needed swapping out. Not an easy task for one so young but she became adept at that and reaching into the record player to set up the auto arm to drop each track one after the other.

So… this was back in the late 70’s, Gladys Night and the Pips, Roberta Flack, Donna Summer, Chic and Rose Royce were topping the charts. Not a bad education for Cindy, even though she was far too young to understand the impact those 45’s would have.

Her lifetime love of music was firmly established…

Years later and she found herself hanging out in raves across the UK that included TONKA Hi Fi, YIKES, ALPHA, Wasp Factory and Positivity to name a few and the decks called her home.

Vinyl junkie… 

As her DJ skills improved, she booked the studio at ‘CHILDREN of KAOS’ (promoter support on literally hundreds of gigs. not least working Cultural Vibes three years) and recorded her first mix that included early Tod Terry, DIY and Smokin Beats…

This period became the foundation of her sound and she knew, she wanted to get deep into the mix with heavy beats and a killer baseline as her singiture offering.

Cindy played the house and after party scene when things were literally ‘underground’ and it really did not matter who you are or where you came from. She then moved into promoting a night with the nick name, ‘Dogs Bollox’ and it just went on and on and on…

After a sabbatical from playing ‘live’. Cindy began playing out again in 2017 and is getting booked regularly to play all over the UK at Private Parties, and Festivals such as Clock Stock, Give, Boardmasters, Summer Love and Boomtown.

Cindy also runs her own promotion called bringing the likes of Dr Packer and Michael Gray to the South West of England.

Last but not least ‘HOUSE of MODIR’ is her personal passion making #djacs and #abfabfeather range of accessories for DJ’s and production crew.

Currently Cindy has a Thursday night residency on Graffiti Kings having honed her live radio skills with Release.

All socials are on @DjMODIR

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by.”

Cindy Dalgeish. MODIR