45’s at five years old

As a kid in inner City Liverpool. I was fascinated by the Jukebox in our pub, in fact I was fascinated by anything techie so PACMan and Sidearms games definitely got more play than your average five year old might or should be exposed to.

The jukebox guy used to come every two weeks and then give us the records he took out. I remember most that they had no centre and we only had three, so I had to swap them out after playing three records. Not an easy task when you’re five but I did become adept at it and in reaching into the record player to set up the auto arm to drop each trak one after the other.

So… this is the 70’s Gladys Night and the Pips, Donna Summer, Chic and Rose Royce are topping the charts.

Not a bad education for me even though I was too young to understand the impact of those 45 records would have.

My love of music was well and truly established…

the perfect mix… not

Twelve years later and I found myself hanging out with DJs in raves across the UK and thinking hmmm… I could so do that!

A friend, Jaz said ‘go on then…’ and gave me a stack of Vinyl. DJ Phonic and DJ Flex taught me the basics. I jumped into the studio that was in the company I worked for painting backdrops and recorded my first mix that included early Tod Terry, DIY and Smokin Beats…

To say I was feeling like top dog was understatement and then I heard how absolutely appalling I was at mixing.

This was by far the greatest lesson I ever had and now I religiously listen to everything before I put it out.

I have improved since then you will be glad to know and even after completely skipping the entire CD thing. I am now back with new technology that feels the same as it did when I was inspired so young, by 45’s with no middle.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by.”

Cindy Dalgeish. MODIR